Saturday, September 13, 2008

Loom Music........

There is nothing quite like the sound of loom music!

This video clip is approximately 11 M so may take a few minutes to load. The clip is from CD Weaver - Weaving Hints and Tips - and shows how I weave. The view is close enough that you can see how I use my thumb as a "brake" to keep the bobbin from rolling forward and letting off more weft than I want for the next shot.

Weaving efficiently is a combination of many things.

1. A well beamed warp with the threads under good tension - no rogue threads that are too tight, or too slack.

2. A well wound bobbin so that the weft feeds off without catching on "hills" in the yarn package or binding in the shuttle cavity.

3. Holding the shuttle as shown so that you can catch and throw with a seamless motion, pushing it across the width of the web with your index finger. I can easily throw the shuttle across a 60" wide warp this way although I find it tiring so generally use the fly shuttle if I'm weaving more than 34" in width.

While many people use a floating selvedge, I find that they just get in my way, and slow me down, so I never use them.

Ultimately, weaving can be a dance with the opening of the shed, throwing the shuttle and beating all coming one on the heels of the other allowing the weaver to get into the "zen" of the moment and feel at one with his/her equipment. It's an aerobic workout, and at the end you've got fabric to show for it.

How fun is that? :D


spinquilt said...

Thank you for this video. You really do get a rhythm going. Maybe one day I will be able to weave at your speed.

Taueret said...

thanks for showing that!

Kimberly said...

Thanks for the video. I watched it at least 3 times: once to watch your feet, once to watch your hands, and another time to watch the shafts. Interesting stuff!

Peg in South Carolina said...

One thing that the viewer might forget to notice is Laura's keeping her catching hand to the rear as she pulls the beater closed. This is very important as it allows the extra needed weft thread to enter the warp and so keep the warp from shrinking in width any more than it needs to.

Laura said...

Good point Peg - I meant to mention that and forgot! :)



Dorothy said...

I note how you hold the shuttle up above the beater as you beat. I had a phase of messy selvedges that came about because I drew the shuttle back towards me as I beat, which pulled the weft back at the selvedges. This is a lovely video and I enjoyed hearing the sound of your loom!

Dorothy said...

I'm back with a supplementary question - what is the loom you're using here? I'm really into learning about different looms at the moment ;)

Laura said...

Hi Dorothy, the loom is a Leclerc Fanny. It's a four shaft counter balanced loom with front hinged treadles, and rollers instead of horses. I like it because it is sturdy, quiet and reliable.



Tallguy said...

Oh, I had such fun watching you throw that shuttle! I haven't been weaving for so long, and that just brought back so many memories. I want to pull out my loom and start making loom music! As soon as I get some room to set it up, that is.