Friday, September 12, 2008

Ready to sell....

Here are the first two shawls off the teal warp pictured in my first post.

The warp is 20/2 mercerized cotton at 32 epi with a weft of 8/2 Tencel at 30 ppi. The warp was threaded in twill blocks, but treadled in an advancing twill progression. Later shawls, woven with 10/2 Tencel, were (are being) woven in 3:1-1:3 twill blocks.

The challenge with a visual media such at the internet is that you can't feel the textile. :) The change in the cloth from loom state to finished is purely "magical". The web off the loom was stiff, and bent rather than draped. After wet finishing, the fabric is supple with a lovely sheen enhanced by the hard press.

One of the shawls was woven with a hunter green weft, the other with a dark navy blue. The photos show more green than the teal blue they really are, but oh well. I'm not a photographer!

The shawls are destined for the Puyallup Fair (south of Seattle, WA) and then the Seattle Weavers Guild sale if they don't sell before then.

(I'll be at the Puyallup Fair the last weekend - Friday evening, and most of Sat/Sun in the Artists in Action display - under the grandstand near the Red Gate - Sept. 19-21. I'm also planning on being at the Seattle Weavers Guild sale Oct. 23-25. Please stop and say hello if you are there, too.)

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simply lovely, Laura!