Monday, September 5, 2011

One Step At A Time

100% cotton baby wrap with 2/20 merc. cotton and 2/16 natural white weft

Pale green Fox Fibre 'colorganic' weft

Pale brown 'colorganic' organic cotton weft

I finally got the first 3 baby wraps completely finished.  All that's left is to add my hang tag with care instructions.  But they are now listed on my Art Fire store.  Now to see if anyone notices.  :}

I'm not sure how effective Art Fire truly is for selling stuff.  It seems like most of the sales I've made via Art Fire have been through my own marketing via sales lists and promoting my products myself.  But at least it gives customers a venue for seeing my work and paying via a secure site through Paypal.  And it doesn't cost a huge amount - the monthly fees are reasonable.

I don't mind paying a flat fee.  At least I don't feel like I'm being nibbled to death by fees here there and everywhere like on other sales sites.  If I don't list and promote my stuff and I have no sales it's my own fault.  Sometimes life just gets a little overwhelming - like it's been the past 6 months and I just haven't had the time or energy to deal with listing stuff and keeping on top of it all.

The big detraction for selling stuff on line is that colours don't always show 'true'.  Such is the case here.  I have done my best to capture the true colours of the cloth, but it all depends on how each person's monitor displays the colours, too.

I have two more wraps to finish.  I'd hoped to get them pressed today but another crap night means I have very little energy today.  I'm over the worst of the current cycle and things should start to improve again.  And tomorrow I should finalize funding for the injections to stimulate my white cell count, which means that there should be no further delays and I'll be through this particular life challenge by the end of October - or as soon as my immune system recovers.  I had a CT scan on Friday and am hoping for the very best possible news when I go in to the clinic again in two weeks time.

Oh, yes, nearly forgot.  Digital Magic is now ready.  Web Master is just getting the page on my website ready to take orders.  I will be contacting the list of names shortly - just as soon as the Paypal page is set up on my website to take payments.

Step by step - that's all we can do.  :)


Anonymous said...

Laura, the baby wraps are lovely! Keep your spirits up, I am praying that the test results come back with wonderful news.

Universo em Tramas said...

Laura, don't forget to tell me when Digital Magic is ready!!! put me on your list!!!!

Claudia Rizzi

Laura Fry said...

It's ready as of today. Click on Store then Digital Magic and scroll down for Paypal payment options.