Friday, September 9, 2011

Piling Up

As warned my energy levels are dipping lower and taking longer to come back after each cycle, but I'm officially 3/4's of the way through this challenge and the end is in sight, espcially since there will be no more delays.  I've got the vials from the pharmacy and I begin the injections on Sunday to stimulate the production of white cells.  One or another of my friends (both nurses) will oversee the first time and make sure I'm doing it right.

This week has been stressful but a number of issues have been either dealt with, or at least progress has been made.  My mother's surgery will take place sometime in October, she has a health management team in place, co-incidentally the same team as Doug's step-mother, and they have been great to us knowing everything that has been going on.  Along with all my friends I feel very supported and able to continue on this journey to achieve a positive result.  So many have contacted me to share their success stories - it has meant a lot to hear about them.

While I have not been able to weave nearly as much as previously I have managed to weave a scarf a day most days and the end of the silk warp is also in sight.  It looks like 3 yards left with #9 just begun so I ought to be able to finish that warp off tomorrow.

With the next warp a fairly complex threading it will be a very good idea to get the loom set up again before the next cycle on the 21st.

I've also managed to make a further dent in my fibre stash and have a few more skeins spun up.  There is a little bit of the green/purple pencil roving left so I'm going to try to finish that off tonight and then prepare the skeins for sale and get them mailed on Monday.   The pencil roving has been really nice to spin - I'm thinking I might need to get some more, but the only supplier I know is in WA state. I do, however, have friends there who could likely get some for me.  :)

The first sale of the fall season began today.  I'm hoping that people are going to be open to buying things, but one never knows until the show is done. 

We are enjoying a very tardy bit of 'summer' weather here.  The weather website says the current temperature is 26 C and the a/c has been running this afternoon.  The sunshine is very welcome although the changing colours of the leaves on the trees prevent us from believing it will last very long.

As I look back to mid-February this year has been a mixed bag.  But the hope is that once this challenge is done I will be better than ever and healthy enough to help my mother with her health issues and that we'll both begin the new year in a much better situation.

Speaking of hope, I've learned - this time for real - to take each day as it comes.  To not worry too much about goals or expectations that put demands on me I can't meet.  To stay focused on hope - that things will be better.  That health will be the result.  That there will be many more years of weaving, doing it, teaching it, writing about it. 

After all, it's a beautiful life.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Laura for your reminder. Hope is a precious thing to hold in our hearts. And, it is a beautiful life. Turtleknits (Vickie)

Martha said...

Thank you, once again, for your inspirational insights...not only about weaving, but about the truly important things we have in life. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you continue your treatment. Best to your mother and her upcoming surgery as well.
Hugs from Virginia,

Claudia Rizzi said...

Dear friend, you are a winner in every single way - this battle is almost over. Keep walking!
A big hug from Brazil

Jean said...

So glad that you are nearing the end of this leg of the journey with such a positive tone. Each day brings you a bit closer to the finish line, and each day, by accomplishing something, you are still living a productive life. That is a huge life lesson and it is unfortunate the reality check of cancer is the method we need to learn it! Keep on going. You are great! Hugs from Alberta. Jean

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you are seeing the positive and getting closer to the end of treatment. We have friends with a similar diagnosis doing wonderfully years after treatment! The sooner we all realize to appreciate each day, the better our lives will become.

Best wishes and kind thoughts and prayers.


Peg Cherre said...

Glad the treatments are winding down - things are always easier to handle when you can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

As always, your work is beautiful.

Will be ordering a digital Water when I get back home.

Sharon said...

I'm a long-time lurker, but I feel that I need to speak up today and say thanks for taking the time when your energy is so low to share your journey with us.