Sunday, September 25, 2011

Wet Finished

cones of Fox Fibre yarn and wet finished towels

Friday evening I finished weaving the beige warp with the Fox Fibre weft and ran the 19 towels through the washer/dryer on Saturday.  Today I went and pressed them.  Over all I'm quite pleased with the results although the colours aren't 'my' colours.  Actually the brown ones would look quite nice in my kitchen with the cork floors.  ;)

The cloth is slightly more weft emphasis on one side, and slightly more warp emphasis on the other.  Personally I like the warp emphasis better so will hem them so that that side is the 'right' side.

My energy is slowly returning and I celebrate each day that it is.  Today I beamed a warp onto the Leclerc Fanny for placemats and table runners.  I'm trying to use up some warps I'd intended to have painted for scarves but that never happened so two warps are wide enough for placemats woven width-ways.  It means hems on the top and bottom of the mat instead of the ends, but I don't think that will matter too much.  And it uses up the warps.  Stash busting continues.

I also got the warp for a guild member wound and will go up to the guild room Tuesday night and get some help extracting the loom from the 'herd' of looms so I can get that warp dressed for Ruth's friendship coverlet.

And last, but not least, I started beaming another tea towel warp, this time in two shades of blue, mixed thoroughly.  The weft for this warp will be a singles 6 cotton with lots of twist energy.  I'll probably do a couple of different treadlings, one in advancing twill, one in waffle weave.  With the twist energy in the weft, the waffle weave ought to pucker up well.

I've used this yarn for collapse effects and it works quite well if given sufficient room to torque.  I have lots of it and have been thinking of coning some off the huge mill cones and offering it for sale.  Perhaps it's time I got a round tuit and did just that.

Currently reading The Sharing Knife, part II by Lois McMaster Bujold - this series has lots of references to spinning and weaving for anyone who enjoys that in a story


Susan said...

More energy is a good thing!

I was going to hit the treadles today and my cranky arthritic foot said "no" I cranked out warps instead.

I've enjoyed seeing the evolution of the natural coloured cotton. Can I ask what grist it is? Are you selling it? I'm quite interested if you are...

thanks... Susan

Laura said...

Hi Susan, I'm using the 18/2 size which goes nicely with the 2/20 merc. cotton. Retail price is $60/lb. I'm thinking of coning off smaller amounts for re-sale along with the single 6's I'll be using on the next warp. :)

Just waiting on that round tuit! :^)