Saturday, September 3, 2011

Perfect or Good?

Turns out some of the 2/30 silk I have on hand has already been used for other projects I guess because several of the colours I'd hoped to use on this warp are insufficient for a scarf.  Oh well.  More yarn to go into the bobbin lace bag.

It seems as though at times people get hung up on the idea of 'perfection'.  That everything that we make must be 'perfect' and if it isn't we feel like a failure.  This sort of attitude is counter productive because as soon as we start feeling like a failure, we can't seem to get beyond that and we don't even try.

So, while I always strive for perfection, I know that I can accept good.  That essentially the tiny 'flaws' that prevent me from labeling my work 'perfect' are oftentimes not even on the horizon of others who view my work. 

In terms of selling my textiles, the biggest question is "will it perform it's function"? 

So, no, these scarves are not exactly perfect, but they are good.  Good enough I can put my label on them and offer them for sale. 

I have brought the best of my knowledge to the loom and I am doing my best to be consistent.  Because if you can't be perfect, be consistent. 

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Deborah Robson said...

A long time ago I had to recognize that striving for perfection would make me nuts, and decided to aim for excellence in anything I really care about and "good enough" on the stuff that has to get done but isn't really important. Much nicer, isn't it? Almost perf. . . . excellent.

Laura Fry said...

Yes, much nicer, and knowing that the process is the point, not the end destination? Priceless!

Sharon Schulze said...

Dont let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

Laura Fry said...

Or like a friend says, 'perfect kills good'....

And sometimes I think it really does. I'm sure we've all had the experience of working something to death trying to get 'perfect' and still not being happy with the results!