Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Organizing Small Bits

loom bench at Leclerc Fanny with basket at one end, foam 'cushion' to sit on at the other

Spent some time this morning putting my studio back together.  I stripped stuff from the area around and from the loom to bring with me to teach The Efficient Weaver so it all had to go back before I could really get started doing anything productive.

I used to have a somewhat larger plastic basket that perfectly fit onto the loom bench and into which I threw odds and sods - shuttles, bobbins, measuring tape and so on.  But plastic breaks and it was getting to the point where stuff was falling out of the basket and I was getting frustrated with it.  Unfortunately that particular basket (actually a veggie storage basket if memory serves) is no longer available - or at least not available anywhere I shop - so I had to find something else. 

Several fruitless trips to various stores ensued until I finally found this little basket that more or less fits and which I could tie to the end of the bench to keep it from falling off.  Unfortunately it doesn't have a good place to store the threading/sleying hook I prefer, but the scissors do fit into the handle so I don't have to go rooting through the basket for them (as long as I remember to insert them back into the handle, of course!)

Since returning I've been wading through paperwork that piled up while I was gone and was reminded of the course descriptions/info for next year at John C. Campbell Folk School which I'd totally missed out on sending when I returned the contract just before I left in February!  So I'll finish polishing that and get it back to them later today.  Also need to write up info for a large show we'll do in November.  Sometimes it's hard to do all this planning so far in advance of events but calendars have to be written and sent out so groups and organizations are quite often working on things a year in advance.

Part of my problem is that my allergies are on high alert with all the dust in the air from the sand spread on the roads all winter.  It was supposed to rain today, which I was actually looking forward to because it would have settled the dust and washed some of the grit from the roads but so far it's just overcast, dreary and dusty.  Which hasn't helped my brain function any. 

I also realized that I've completely forgotten the thread count on the pattern repeat on the AVL so before I can weave on that I have to review my draft.  With a brain that isn't functioning particularly well, perhaps that's a job that ought to wait for another day.  But I think I can manage to rough sley and beam the warp on the Fanny.  The threading might have to wait until tomorrow as they are predicting rain tomorrow now, too.  And maybe I'll not feel so wooly headed if it does.  :}

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Rhonda from Baddeck said...

Tying a basket to the bench - brilliant! I stack things at one end of my bench and they eventually fall off, making a worse mess. I'll have to see if I have one that would work.