Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Special Day

Today is a significant birthday for Doug.  :)  I delivered this balloon bouquet to him at work with the hat Syne sent with the Rat City Roller Girls logo.  He'd wear it at work except that he's not allowed to wear logo hats that aren't Home Depot.  :D  So I delivered it in the Rat City Roller Girls tote bag.   I'm sure he'll get asked what the logo is for!  :DDDD

Today is also the day the sale is supposed to close on mom's house.  She's anxious to get it done and over with but so far I haven't heard anything from either her or the real estate agent.  Since the buyer seems as anxious for the sale to close as we are, I'm assuming that everything is going ahead and that in a few days it will be all over bar letting the dust settle - literally - the insulation is being removed as I type and as soon as they get the tests on air quality back, hopefully they will be positive, the new insulation can be installed and then all that's left is to change over the electrical panel.

I spent most of the morning with mom then running around town so it looks like I'm not going to get much done in the studio today, either.  The work table is cleared off enough that I could actually rough sley the reed and maybe get the warp beamed before dinner and guild drop in.

Oh yes, I also scored four new tops, all of which were on sale.  I actually have casual wear that isn't t-shirts now!  ;^)


Sandra Rude said...

A very happy birthday to Doug, and crossed fingers that the house deal goes through without a hitch for everybody's sake.

Laura said...

Thanks Sandra - mom was getting antsy this morning but I explained that it will take a couple of days for the money to come through. :)


Cindy said...

Happy Birthday Doug. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Doug!

Jean Curry said...

Happy Birthday, Doug! Welcome to the
old guy club! LOL It's great!

Rhonda from Baddeck said...

Happy Birthday to Doug! What a great guy he is. My fingers are crossed that everything goes smoothly for the house closing - getting the papers signed is the biggest hurdle. It's been an eventful year - I hope things will be settling down soon - for ALL of you!

Louisa said...

Happy Birthday to Doug! And best of luck on the house sale. I'd cross my fingers but it's hard to knit that way!