Friday, March 13, 2015

8 Weeks

Weaving is a physical activity and after 8 weeks of being physically inactive, my muscles are very weak.  Or at least my upper body is.  Since I've been able to walk outside I have been at least working on my legs.

Since I still have not seen the cardiologist yet I don't feel like I should be weaving but I thought I could at least wind some warps.

Which is when I really realized how much muscle tone I'd lost.

Yesterday I managed half of a 9 meter long shawl warp (about 22" wide total, so about 11 inches).  Today I finished that off.

Doug has wound about half of the yarn onto cones but is running out of cones so one reason for winding warps is an attempt to free up more cones for him to use.  The down side?  We both need pretty much the same space, he for winding cones, me for winding warps.  So we are having to alternate.  Right now I've got the table filled with potential warps so he can't really work there.

So I'm taking a long break and then I'll start winding another warp.  I figure if I do another half warp this afternoon, that is a reasonable thing in terms of building my muscles up again.


barbara said...

Hi Laura - looks like you are taking it easy winding the shawl warp; and that is good to hear! Nice colors and it will be great if you can work away, slowly, on winding a few warps. That will help you feel like you are doing something, and will actually help to tone those muscles. Don't overdo it and you will be fine. You have come a long way in the 8 weeks - congratulations! Weaverly yours .....

terri said...

Glad to hear of all your progress physically!