Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Brain Power

The past week I've been able to sleep on my side - my preferred position - and as a result I've been sleeping a lot better.  Gradually I've been feeling as though I have a little brain power.

Today I set myself the goal of starting to write some long delayed blog posts for Craftsy.  Not sure they will accept them because I didn't get permission for the topic(s) beforehand, they are just things I think need to be said.

So the first one is on weft packages.

New weavers don't always get shown how to wind a paper quill.  Quills can be handy if you are weaving with lots of different colours and you don't have enough plastic bobbins.  Or maybe you just don't like plastic bobbins.  They do make a bit of a chattering sound as the yarn reels off of them and some people just don't like the noise.

I think I've got a clip on You Tube showing how I wind them, but I don't think Craftsy is going to allow a link to my You Tube channel so I won't include that in the post.  Not sure if Janet Dawson covers this in her class on Craftsy, but I'm sure she shows how to wind a bobbin.

Unfortunately my left hand tires very quickly and after writing up the post for Craftsy and this, I think I need to rest my hand for a while.

Read or work on puzzle?  Decisions, decisions...


Peg Cherre said...

Having watched other people and videos I do know how to wind quills, but here's my problem...you know how you use your thumb to hold the yarn after throwing the shuttle? Well, for me, for some reason that pulls the yarn off the end of that quill, winding it around the shuttle pin pretty quickly and making a real mess. So maybe in your blog post or video you can address that issue and how to avoid/correct it.


Laura Fry said...

I would assume you need to wind with more tension...


Peg Cherre said...

Hmmmmm....you may be right. Unfortunately, with my homemade bobbin winder I'm lucky to be able to wind a quill at all. The way my son made the spindle/shaft is odd -- much shorter than the manufactured ones, and it get thick fairly quickly, so I think I'm probably just SOL until/unless I get another bobbin winder. (I gave away my old hand winder 'cuz it needed fixing that I didn't know how to do.)