Tuesday, December 8, 2015

A Very Weaverly Sale

One of my favourite gifts from another weaver is something they have woven.  And I especially love hand woven textiles.  I think we have just one commercially woven tea towel left as even Doug has grown enamoured of them.  As I use each one I remember who made it and they feel close to me, even though physically they may be very far away.

While the tea towels pictured are not everything I have on hand, they are ones that I'm pleased with, and I hope others will be too.

Buy two items, get free shipping.

Cats Paws and Snails Trails, rendered in turned twill blocks.  50/50 cotton and linen, warp is cotton as 32 epi, weft is linen at 30 ppi.  Price $38 each.  23 left.

Two different shades, two different fibre contents.  Upper more pale towel, 80% cotton, 20% linen.  Lower, darker shade 50% cotton, 50% linen.  Warp is 2/16 cotton at 32 epi.  Can't remember ppi.  As the weft was quite a bit thicker, it might be 24 or 28 ppi.  Price $28 for the darker, $34 for the pale.    Darker:  16 left.  Paler:  19 left

Another 2/16 cotton warp at 32 epi.  Linen was a bit thicker so ppi might be 28.  50/50 cotton/linen.
Price $28 each.  Pale:  6 left.  Dark:  3 left.  (Someone said the darker ones looked like long horned steers.  Once seen, cannot be unseen.)

Seeing a trend here?  2/16 cotton warp at 32 epi, thicker tow linen at maybe 28 ppi.  50/50 cotton/linen.  Price:  $28.  4 left.

These are 'true' tea towels to my mind.  While the others with the thicker weft are nice, they are a bit thick in comparison to the Cats Paws and Snails Trails at the top, and these 100% cotton towels woven from 2/16 cotton warp and weft.  The design doesn't show up because of the same colour being used for warp and weft, but it is another turned twill block design in Pine Trees and Snow Balls.  Price $32.  4 left

These towels turned out quite nicely using 2/8 cotton for warp and a 2 ply yarn made from a singles cotton slub and a singles smooth linen.  They have quite a firm hand, but should soften up nicely after a few uses.  20 epi, woven in plain weave with 2/16 cotton hems in plain weave,.  Four colour ways to choose from:

Top of the picture Sage - 9 left
Next down  Salmon - 6 left
Second from bottom peach/blue - 8 left
Bottom - peach/beige - 5 left

Price $32 each

There is also a selection of blue/greens using a finer linen for weft.  If anyone is interested in those colours I can take pictures and post tomorrow.  If you are a fan of orange/beige, there is a selection of those as well, some with cotton warp and weft, so cheaper than the linen weft ones.

The sale will run until Dec. 31, 2015.  Since I can't guarantee delivery before Christmas anyway, might as well let it run until the New Year in case Santa brings $$$?


Rachel said...

do we email you with the information about the towels we'd like? how do we pay you?

I'd also love to see the blue/green ones before I make a final decision on how many and which ones.

My birthday/holiday present to myself, I deserve well-made items

Laura Fry said...

Yes, Laura at laurafry dot com

I can get photos tomorrow afternoon. :)

PayPal works or I can take VISA or MasterCard.