Thursday, December 10, 2015

Sale - Part Deux

It is a very grey and gloomy day today and these towels look more 'yellow' than in real life.  They are really more on the blue side of green.

Wave - 50/50 cotton/linen warp is 2/16 cotton at 32 epi, weft a finer linen.  There are four and the price is $38 each.

Zig-Zag.  Woven on the same warp as above.  There are three left and the price is $38 each

Blooming Leaf design in twill blocks.  Warp 2/16 cotton as 32 epi.  There are nine and price is $36 each

Confetti.  Woven on the same warp as the two at the top of the page.  There are seven.  Price is $38 each

Woven on 2/16 cotton warp at 32 epi.  Weft is a tow linen so heavier than the above towels.  There are 7 left and the price is $28 each.

Payment can be by Paypal.  Yes, I will send to the US (free shipping if two items are purchased).  If you pay me in US $, that will help cover the international banking fees but I won't quibble about payment in Canadian $.  My Paypal account is tied to my email address of laura at laurafry dot com

If you prefer to *not* use Paypal, I will accept a cheque in US $ from people in the US or I can accept VISA or MasterCard.  I will bill in Canadian $ and the exchange will be done on your statement in you are in the US.

I also have copies of Kerstin Fro:berg's book Weave a V

They are $20 (without shipping - $25 if purchased by itself including shipping in North America)  I even have a few signed copies - no extra charge

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