Friday, December 4, 2015


Well, blogspot seems to have 'improved' things and now I can't add pictures from my desktop to my blog.  I will have to figure out the 'new, improved' way to do that.

But not today.

Upon getting home I kinda, sorta, crashed.  Despite my best intentions, I have not accomplished what I need to do and energy is just not there.  So I've spent way too much time vegging.

Today is fraught with taking mom to a medical appointment, then a long awaited lunch with a friend, then mad dash to the annex to select the stuff for the guild sale tomorrow, then drag everything up the 23 stairs to the guild room.  (I don't know if it's 23 steps - it's longer than a 'normal' staircase.  I may exaggerate for emphasis.)

I did manage to dress the small loom with a place mat warp yesterday.  It's an order, but I told the customer that they would not be ready in time for Xmas.  Still, I'd like to cross that off my list.  I also got the big loom sleyed, tied up and even wove one shawl.  And pulled weft for the next ones.  Even wound bobbins!

There have been additional stressers since getting home - dear friends with sudden medical emergencies, deaths and grieving to deal with.  In other words, Life, writ large.

So, my intention to begin writing in earnest this week has been postponed to next week.  By then I'm hoping I will have more mental acuity, current crisis' will be dulled if not over, that I will be able to focus instead of...squirrel!

The guild sale begins tomorrow at 10 am until 4 pm, rinse, repeat on Sunday.  I have Larry (Canadian Production Wheel) and a bucket of batts to spin.  I will also bring knitting for when I need a break from spinning.  If I were really energetic, I would get my lace cushion organized, but I don't think I'm quite ready for that.

I also bought a bunch of new jigsaw puzzles.  Well, they were on sale, how could I not?  So I've promised myself that as soon as I get my ledger sorted out and the provincial sales tax remitted I will set out the puzzle mat and take some time to fiddle with bits of coloured cardboard.

Currently reading Madder Crimson by Tyler Enfield  (which is strange in an interesting way and I like his use of language)


DianeOart said...

I noticed blogger new *improved about pictures, you still can do it as you always did in the past, anyways that's what I did and it worked.

steelwool said...

Jigsaw puzzles are a good thing, mastery over something when life seems to be getting away from you. Relax and enjoy .... no rush.

Laura Fry said...

The photos would not load - or didn't appear to. I will have to do a 'test' post and see if it actually works or not.


Keesha Standley said...

Sending you good wishes and hoping life will ease up a bit for you.

LittleRed said...

Hello Laura, I was fortunate to pick up a scarf and two tea towels from the sale at the guild today (Sunday) My husband wishes I had picked another for his sister for Christmas. Is it possible to get another tea towel set or scarf from you, and if so where can I find you during the week? PS your work is lovely and I cannot stop touching the towels and the scarf.


Laura Fry said...

Hi Deb, if you can come to the guild room sometime Monday or Tuesday evening, I won't pack everything up until Wed afternoon?


LittleRed said...

Ok, I will come by Monday night. What time is best for you? Or will people be there anyway?

Laura Fry said...

Drop in is Tuesday. If you want to come Monday night, let me know what time and I will meet you there.