Tuesday, March 8, 2016

A Day of Leisure (sort of)

Since I ran out of hemming, thanks to the hemming fairies, I needed some other hand work to do.  I had left my knitting in Seattle but the Smoky Mountain Spinnery was just down the road, so I bought a circular needle and some 'blank' dyed yarn and set about knitting a shawlette.

(For anyone interested I cast on 201 stitches, ribbed four rows then changed to stockinette stitch, decreasing a stitch either side of the centre stitch on the knit row with four stitches of ribbing up each side.)

Cindy and I have spent some time working on The Book and today she is working on some of the photos and will drop them into the text so that we can begin to see the shape of it.

By doing this now, I know, or will know, what additional images are needed so I can take them once I'm home again.  

We have also identified areas that need to be expanded and missing info that needs to be added.

I am blessed with friends who willingly get involved in my crazy ideas and not only support but actively encourage me!

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