Monday, March 28, 2016

Knitting Was My First Textile Craft

I learned how to knit when I was around five or six.  Long enough ago I don't really remember not knitting. 

I did the usual scarves, toques, slippers.  I even, the winter I was 11, knitted 45 pairs of Phentex slippers at a dollar a paid for the local knitting shop.  She could never seem to keep them in stock and I was saving up money for a new bicycle.  

Knitting these days is pretty simple stuff.  I have knitted Aran sweaters, Lopi sweaters with Fair Isle patterning, afghans, baby things for friends, sweater for myself.  These days, though, I mostly knit very simple things, using up weaving yarns that are too little to weave with, too much to throw away.  These scarves are donated to various worthy causes in town. 

On holiday I ran out of hand work and was forced to buy some yarn.  And needles, not for this but for the other yarn I bought.  Now that I'm home, and need some knitting for an all day commitment tomorrow, I started this yarn.  It's actually my second attempt because I didn't like the first one.  Didn't like the size needles or the stitch I'd chosen. 

The nice thing about knitting is that it comes out easily.  So I ravelled what I had done and started over.  

Much happier with this version. 

As a Follow up to yesterday's post, my lace seminar on Craft University has apparently been taken down.  I'm disappointed as I understood it would remain up for people to take, much like the webinar on the Interweave Press site, the A Good Yarn topic.  Oh, well. 


steelwool said...

The craft U site still has your webinar listed as under $20 and can still put it in a cart. (stopped there.)

Peg Cherre said...

For me, the first fiber crafts were, in fact, weaving. An old metal potholder loom and cotton loopers. My mom got LOTS of potholders. I never thought about making designs, I just used color - lots of it - and liked the over-under aspect of doing it.

I like that knitting pattern and yarn.