Saturday, March 19, 2016

Homeward Bound

The only thing better than going away for a while, is heading home.  

We closed out our holiday with a stopover in Cloverdale, me to help with the guild booth, Doug to visit with friends/siblings.  The weather was pleasant, a little chilly, but warm enough for March.  Flowering trees are in bloom, the grass is green, daffs are up.   I'm sure home isn't nearly as spring like!

Serendipity was in full force and I re-connected with my high school bestie/bridesmaid on the ferry, both of us far from home.  We spent the sailing catching up.  And an ex employer, selling off her yarns let me know in time that we could swing by her studio and I bought mumble mumble pounds of yarn.  Deep discount and no shipping, how could I not?

Fibres West was busy both days and many people expressed an interest in the conference. 

Birthe and the guild members did a great job spreading the word about the conference in 2019 in Prince George.  

A number of people also asked about the Olds program so I am hopeful the class will get the go ahead.  

But now it is time to head north and back home.  My own bed tomorrow.  It's time!

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steelwool said...

Love your stash reduction efforts. Made me smile this morning, but aren't we all like that. Can't pass up a bargain. Happy to hear you had such a good trip. Stay well.