Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Just Do

I am having a much harder time than I had hoped getting back into the swing of studio things.  Yesterday turned into a 'people first' kind of day although I did get my cheque book balanced and some bills paid.  But I ran out of energy by 4:30 so we had an early dinner and vegged for the evening catching up on some tv.  Today I had appointments in the morning and errands after lunch so it was going on for three before I even thought about the studio. 

Not being overly endowed in the little grey cells department, I looked at all the boxes and bins with wound warps and decided to tackle the one towel warp.  I thought - briefly - about firing up the AVL and decided I didn't want to deal with it.  I wanted something that I didn't have to think about and between the very bland place mat warp and this bright cheerful towel warp, the choice was easy. 

Rough sleying took just a few minutes, then the loops were put onto the apron rod.    

The warp was then passed under the breast beam and over the valet.  The lease stick were moved as close to the ceiling as possible.  They have 'caught' any minor slack in the warp ends and I can now begin rolling the warp onto the warp beam.  When the weights are close to the valet I will remove them, groom the next section, one half of the warp at a time, and when both halves are as good as I can get them, the lease sticks will again be moved to as high as they can go.  The warping valet allows me to groom at least a yard or a little more at a time.  For this 11 meter long warp, I will re-position the weights about eight or nine times.  Beaming this way takes only a few minutes and then I can start threading.  I should be able to start weaving on this warp after my errands tomorrow.  


Dianne Quimby said...

I'm feeling we're on the same wave length. Wound on a warp yesterday like this except I am used to moving the lease sticks behind the reed before I start winding. With most warps this works just fine for me. I have tried (once) to leave the lease sticks and take them up to the "trapeze" (and maybe it was the warp itself) but had a lot more snags....or the space (small bedroom). Can't wait to see you in Cape Breton in the warmth of August at the Gaelic College! Dianne Q

Laura Fry said...

Get six weavers together and there will be six different ways to beam a warp. ;)

Looking forward to getting 'out east' in August!