Monday, June 27, 2016

Bumps and Hiccoughs

So, here I was, all set to have my usual 'birthday' sale (generally July 1-9 each year) when a news release announced that the union and Canada Post are about to start job action and if the union begins rotating job action, Canada Post will simply shut down service entirely.  Not much point doing a 'sale' when I can't then ship anything.

Since the sale would have started this Friday (Canada Day) and run through to my birthday (July 9), it would appear that I won't be having a sale this summer after all.  Unless everyone decides to play nice?  I could then have a 'belated' sale once the dust settles...

If anyone is interested in tea towels or Kerstin Fro:berg's book Weave a V - email me laura at laurafry dot com and I will see what I can work out later.

(Usual terms of the sale are - buy two or more items, get free shipping.)

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