Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Slow Cloth


Hand weaving, no matter how efficient you are, is by its very nature 'slow'.  

And so my pile of new design scarves grows...slowly.  

I have a whole bunch of warps already wound so it is really just a matter of choosing a colour for the next warp and getting it into the loom.  

The empty bins will get more warps as I wind more.  The are at least six more colour ways pulled, waiting for warps to be wound.  

It is almost July.  Reno work on the house looks like it will be starting sometime soon and there will be noise and dust and general upheaval.  I'm trying to get as much weaving done as possible so that if there is too much chaos during construction I can tuck my laptop into my case and head for the guild room where there will be quiet and the guild library for research.  

Always good to have a Plan B!

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