Saturday, June 4, 2016

Good Night, Edmonton

It is 10:20 pm, with about three weeks to go before the solstice.  Edmonton is about the same latitude as home so these long summer days are very familiar to me, and bittersweet because very soon the sun will begin its slow journey into winter with days as short as the nights currently are.  

The class was small, with just 10, but eager to learn.  I love it when new(ish) weavers want to Know It All.  So we strayed from the topic of the workshop as one question led to another and another...

The weather was wet and dreary for the drive out but promises to be lovely heading west.  

I have a lot of things on my job list, not least preparations for my 'large' class at Olds.  I forgot some things for this trip...I can't forget the things for the Olds class!

Currently reading The Waters of Eternal Youth by Donna Leon

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Brenda said...

Funny, you know. I'm an alumnus of Olds College (Agronomy, Class of '79); learned spinning and weaving while going to school there, and yet have never attended Fibre Week. Enjoy!