Monday, June 20, 2016

The View From Here

Dusk is coming a bit early because the clouds are gathering.  No view of the full moon tonight.  

Day Two is officially over and progress is happening.  By 8 pm, six people had woven their value gamp and several were nearing the end of their first warp.  The class is information heavy and each person comes with their unique experiences.  Some have encountered parts of the info previously, some are less experienced.  It is a bit of a tap dance to make sure that those who need more attention get it without ignoring the others who appear to be steaming along independently.  

Tomorrow is Hump Day.  Another day filled with lectures and more learning exercises.  I don't doubt people are getting tired, so it will become more difficult to absorb even more.   But there are also glimmers of understanding, some of the in class pre-sample samples are very good, which looks very encouraging that people will be able to produce excellent work at home, away from the noise and distraction of class.  Makes my little heart go pit-a-pat!

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Pam Howard said...

I know their excitement. I loved my week working on my MW1 projects.