Friday, August 26, 2016

Gaelic College/Olds College

Gaelic College is located in lovely St. Ann's on the Cape Breton Island of Nova Scotia.  

They will be offering level one of the Olds College master weaving class from June 5-9, 2017. 

Stay tuned for registration details.  

The student bedrooms are small but comfortable.  (I think most rooms come with shower/toilet.)

Meals are served in the on site cafeteria and they accommodate special dietary needs.  So far the meals have been fresh and tasty.  

The studio is equipped with mostly Leclerc looms, so no need to bring one.  

The usual min-max required for the class is 8-12, so a small class.  As soon as I know when and with whom to register, I will post the info here.  

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Anonymous said...

The Gaelic College! I went there for a summer a million years ago to take bagpiping, Highland dancing, and Gaelic. I don't think they had weaving then - it was just music and Gaelic. I'm so glad they've branched out!!