Sunday, August 7, 2016

The Attraction of Long Warps

People often cringe at the thought of long warps. While it is true that longer warps pose some challenges, there are some very real benefits, too.  

For this project I am weaving panels, five yards long.  Each panel will be the same, woven with the same colour rotation, in the same treadling.  Warping the warp once means less time setting up the loom, less loom waste.  It is therefore more economical in terms of yarn and time.  Not to mention sitting cramped to thread...never a comfortable position.  

So, no, I don't mind dressing the loom with long warps.  The frequent changes of colour (every yard) should keep things 'interesting' so that I don't get too tired of it.  There will also be breaks while I am away, which should also keep it 'fresh'.   


Carol said...

How long is long in this case, Laura?

Laura Fry said...

100 turns on the beam, or hopefully enough for 20 five yard panels.