Monday, August 8, 2016

The Way I Like It

Allen Fannin (Handloom Weaving Technology) used to say that he liked boring because that meant nothing was going wrong.  How right he was!

So I am picking my way through this 100 yard long warp, hoping that the loom continues to behave (twice I've had to stop and fix 'issues' - when you add this much mechanical assistance, it seems something is always going out of adjustment or needing tweaking).

But so far, so good.  I've reached the 10% completion mark.

These panels (come towels, eventually) are far from perfect.  But their job isn't to be 'perfect' but to decorate the convention centre hall.  They need to be colourful and even a bit dramatic.  Inspired by the aurora borealis (northern lights) they will be bright and hopefully make the rather drab mostly concrete hall look warm and inviting.

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Anonymous said...

Those look fabulous, can't wait to see them completed!