Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Other Stuff

I have been working on Other Stuff the past couple of days.  I needed a break, both physically and mentally, from weaving, mostly so I could work on the manuscript.  (At 30,000 plus words and 130 plus pages, it now feels like a manuscript!).  But my brain gets very mushy after several hours so I have also been knitting, and at guild drop in, spinning up more of my fibre stash to knit with.  

So, blue scarf on the needles, green/blue wet finished and coned, and tonight, finished plying the purple.   I am trying to use up as much of the blue as I can, although that might make a pretty long scarf, I will see how long I make it.  

Currently reading Where I Belong by Alan Doyle. 


Rhonda from Baddeck said...

You've been very productive! Love that purple yarn - enough for a shawl?

Laura Fry said...

There should be enough for a shawl and a scarf. :)