Thursday, November 30, 2017

Know When to Hold 'Em

Today I choose serenity.

I admit it freely - I am focused, determined, not afraid to work hard.  That also makes me obsessive and prone to over doing things, working myself into exhaustion.

So today I choose to let go of a few things.  I am facing more health challenges, although initial appointments have given me hope for treatment, if not cure.  I thank my lucky stars I am Canadian with our universal health care.  Having medical care I can count on that won't bankrupt me (in spite of some American politicians who keep insisting Canadians flock to the US to 'steal' health care) means I can put my trust in my doctors although I do inform myself and advocate for my special snowflake-ness.

I have also chosen to let go of a few other things that were causing me stress and put my faith into the hands of some others I also trust.

I still have to work on the instructors/workshops/seminars, but after three days of concentrated focus on that, I feel I have crafted a well rounded list of instructors and topics.  Of course not everyone will find something of interest - that is the nature of planning such a large event.  But I have done my best, drawing on my decades of experience in the field, choosing people I feel will do good presentations - and be fun as well.

Because if we aren't having fun, I think we are missing the point.


Louisa said...

Knowing when to let go is hard! But sometimes you have to take the path of self-preservation - especially as you get older. And believe it will all work out. Take good care, hon’!

Rhonda from Baddeck said...

Sorry to hear you're facing more health challenges - I sure do envy you (and the rest of the civilized world) that universal health care! I'm always eager to see what's currently on your loom(s), even though it's often finished before I get a good look at it!