Friday, January 5, 2018

Gearing Up

The new year has officially begun and it is time to gear up and start getting ready for the upcoming crop of deadlines/events!

Looking at Twills Workshop with Laura Fry ~ April 7th & 8th

This round robin workshop (weavers will move from loom to loom to try the different threadings/warps) will take a close look at the weave structure we call 'twill'.  Participants will dress their loom (or get assistance to get it dressed) prior to the workshop.
Laura will accept 'new' weavers if they have at least taken Janet Dawson's on-line Craftsy class to familiarize themselves with some of the language of weaving.  Local 'new' weavers should attend several drop ins prior to the workshop to get hints and tips and try their hand at the demo loom(s) in the guild room.  This is not a 'beginning' to weave class but will be geared towards helping those who know at least a little bit about weaving to move on to the next steps.

Time: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm - bring a lunch, beverages supplied.
Place: Prince George Fibre Arts Guild Room, upstairs at 2880 – 15th Avenue
Fee: $200 members or $250 non-members (includes Guild membership) - materials supplied
To register or for more information please contact Birthe at 250-964-6454 or Deposit of $50 by the February 20th, balance at the workshop. Billeting may be available for out of town students.

The above draft is a reduced version of the 8 shaft Swedish Snowflake.  But not everyone has 8 shafts, and after taking a close look at the threading I realized that it could be reduced to four.  Obviously it is not as large a design, but on the other hand, the treadling is also much easier than trying to treadle a very long and fairly complex sequence.

Twills are quite fascinating.  The more shafts, the more complex the design can be.  But a great deal can be done on four shafts, as well.

The twill workshop in April will look at primarily four shaft drafts, but the guild also has a couple of 8 shaft looms - plus participants may have 8 shaft portable looms, too.

But if you want to kick off your new year, you might find this workshop interesting.

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