Sunday, January 28, 2018

Plans Afoot, Part II

No event comes into being without a lot of effort before it sees light of day.  Venues have to be found, dates secured, budgets formulated, equipment found.  For the past couple of months there have been arrangements being made for upcoming Master Weaving classes, both at Olds and in satellite locations.

These events have now gone 'live' at this link.  Scroll down the page for upcoming scheduled classes. (edited to add, put Master Weaving into the search bar.  The link gets you all of the college offerings, not just the master weaving classes.)  If anyone is interested in taking a class, they will have to create an account (if they haven't already done so) in order to register.

For the class in Cape Breton, the college is taking class registration.  Students will have to go to the Gaelic College site to register for room/food.

There are other things still in the planning stages and until they are sorted out I don't feel I can talk about them in case things fall through.

But changes are in the wind.  Technology has made it more and more possible for distance learning, for those who are interested in that due to life commitments.  Perhaps distance is an issue and workshops not easily accessible in real life.

We live in interesting times.  Stay tuned!

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