Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Plans Afoot

It has been a productive stay and things have progressed fairly quickly.  Faster than I had hoped, even.

There has also been time to visit with friends, make new acquaintances, visit some museums.

Developments are underway for the rest of the year and hopefully projects will come to a successful conclusion.  Some I can talk about, some need to mature a while.

Olds College Master Weaver program continues to grow.  Opportunities to take level one at satellite locations will be announced soon, plus level two will happen in Cape Breton the first week of June.  They are also looking at offering level one the last week of May.  I’ve been asked to teach level one again at the college in June.  The paperwork arrived this week and their website should be updated shortly with this year’s course offerings.

With the technology now available to have on line classes, there are more and more opportunities for these to happen, too.  In addition to Janet Dawson’s Craftsy classes, Jane Stafford’s on line guild, Margaret Coe’s and Tien Chiu’s, there are more people entering the world of on line teaching and learning.  Stay tuned for more.

Tomorrow is my last day here before I head home on Friday.  I hope to have an announcement in the next few days about Magic in the Water.

Exciting times!

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Rhonda from Baddeck said...

I'm glad you've had such a productive and encouraging week. Sounds like a lot of great projects will be keeping you busy!