Monday, February 5, 2018

Building Inventory

In spite of ongoing health issues and a quick trip I have made progress on my intention to build inventory.  Things are getting busy here and with writing assignments, my own and for others, teaching, if the event fills (I always make every event conditional) plus the designing and weaving of the projects for The Intentional Weaver, this year is shaping up to be crunchy with critical deadlines.  

As a teenager I was a member of the track and field team.  We needed to have three events we participated in.  Now, I was not any kind of runner, so I chose shot put, discus and hurdles.  Because the one thing I could do, after five years of ballet, was jump.  

As an adult I visualize deadlines as hurdles in my path.  And as long as I keep going and work every day, I can usually manage to make it over those hurdles.  

Getting older means I need to be aware of time in between to catch my breath before I tackle the next.  But after 40 plus years of over booking myself, knowing some events would cancel due to lack of sufficient registration, I find myself working to find the balance that will allow me to carry on at a more sustainable level. 

I think this is the hardest thing about getting older, facing the reality of a body wearing to find that balance.  

One way I am doing this is to put my efforts into the Olds College program.  And getting The Intentional Weaver ready for publication.  But once the book is done I am hoping to continue to work on finding balance in my life.  

And stop thinking up exciting *big* projects to work on!

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