Thursday, February 15, 2018

Flurry of Activity

The past week has seen a flurry of activity as boxes of homework from two of the level one classes began arriving.

The submissions have all been very good - which is a bit challenging.  How do I comment when the student has pretty much figured out on their own what their weakness(es) may be and a plan to improve?  So, I resort to 'atta girls' and affirm that I believe that they know what they need to do.

I have also given them a head's up on how to prepare for level two (cotton, twill, overshot, double weave).  Might as well let them know what to focus on?

Some of the students arrive with more or less experience.  I feel that one of the important things that I, as a level one (mostly) instructor need to do is prepare them for the mental challenges of mastering something as complex as weaving.  Sometimes the hardest part to learn is to a) let go of the idea of being 'perfect' and b) to figure out where to go from where they are.

This year I am booked to teach three level one classes and one level two.  Level one will be offered in WA (Tenino) the beginning of May.  Cape Breton (St. Ann's College, Englishtown, NS) the last week of May and Olds mid-June.

Level two will - I hope - proceed on Cape Breton the first week of June. 

For details on these or any of the other class options then scroll down to see them all.

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