Saturday, February 24, 2018

Getting to Know You

Questionable Origins is the business run by Abby Franquemont's husband Chad Tudor and between the two of them they have come up with an electric spinner that was developed to meet the needs of the 21st century hand spinner.

While there are other e-spinners on the market, this one has a feature that suited me - on board batteries. 

When I go demo-ing, I usually like something portable.  Weaving is not that thing.  The Device fits into a fairly small case, has a foot switch, a revolution counter, bobbins that fold down into flat packs.  But most of all, those batteries!  It means I can fold the spinner up into a fairly small, not terribly heavy case, and take it to the park, or the fall fair, or where ever, and not have to worry about a plug in.

I intend to bring it with me to Fibres West where I know there will not be a handy plug in.  (Must remember to bring the battery re-charger, though!)

After being dragged kicking and screaming (so to speak) into the spinning room and then falling down the rabbit hole of weaving, I set aside spinning for a good number of years.  I even sold my favourite wheel, a wheel built on a Norwegian design that I really loved.  But I simply wasn't using it.

Then a few years ago wheels began showing up in my life.  When I wound up with three(!) I decided I really did need to get back to spinning if the universe was going to be that insistent by providing me with wheels.

But none of them were juuuuuuust right.

After discussing what I wanted to do with a local guild member, she suggested a Canadian Production Wheel.  I bought one and really liked it, was old (a true antique), large (didn't fit into my house) and fragile (see true antique above).

It was not a wheel that could easily be transported or set up for demonstrations.  Too many little fingers wanting to get into the spinning bits.

Then a couple of years ago, The Device became available.  It was more than I wanted to pay (although not as much as some other brands - prices seems to range quite widely), not all had the same features, not all came in a case.

So about this time last year I placed an order for one.

Well, it took a while to receive because Life Happened Big Time for Chad and Abby but I now have it and have been getting to know it first by plying some singles I already had spun up.

Those skeins are now done and soaking in the sink in preparation to wet finishing.  Next up?  Spinning singles.  Which might be more of a challenge.  But I'm also looking forward to giving it a go.


Vicki Hughes said...

I am so excited to be getting a Device this year. I have a Louet Victoria, it folds up, is relatively light weight and comes with a little cloth 'brief case'. But seeing a spinner in a pelican case was one of the things that caught my eye. The Louet case didn't do a good job of protecting my wheel, even as a carry on. Having that case will allow me to take my wheel more places. And since it's a 'machine', it might even entice my husband to give it a try. Please share more of your adventures with the Device.

steelwool said...

As you mentioned, it is expensive. However, I have had my eye on one for some time and I also await your adventures with your Device. There is nothing like bringing your wheel to a demo and coming home with dings and dents that you do not remember being there earlier.

Laura Fry said...

I started the singles this morning. There is a bit of a learning curve - just like there is with any new piece of equipment. Over all? I'm quite satisfied. :)