Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Fatigue Brain Fog

Yes it's March.  No, winter isn't over yet.  (This photo is from a couple of years ago - the snow is actually much, much deeper/higher this year.)

But the new year is well established and the calendar keeps rolling, day by day.  Deadlines come - and go.

And I am finally starting to feel better without the crushing fatigue and brain fog that I had been dealing with for the past year or so.

While I am not yet back to something I would even consider 'normal', I can think again.  For example, one of the critical deadlines creeping up closer, closer, is being dealt with as everyone involved does a mad scramble to get me the yarns in time to weave the scarves.  I was able to get the yarn information, crunch the numbers and get the information back to the supplier within the hour so that they can wind skeins onto cones and get it into their regular shipping by 2 pm their time.  Hopefully the courier will co-operate and get it to me by the weekend so I can toss everything else aside as soon as it arrives and I can slam the warp onto the AVL and get them woven, wet finished and back into the mail/courier before we leave for Vancouver on the 21st.

This week I don't have as many appointments so my priority will be to get the Olds homework marked and the information back to the students.  And carry on weaving a scarf a day on the small loom - until the deadline yarn arrives. 

After that?  More place mats.  I thought I'd woven plenty, but when seen set out on the shelves?  Nope.  Plus tea towel warps.  Doug has convinced me to do some table runners, too.

And then...there's the manuscript.  I have a half hour or so today where I could have chosen to read while I waited for my friend at her appointment or...work on the ms.  So I have packed the binder along with scrap paper so I can start planning the projects.

I have also had a nibble from a traditional publisher.  We'll see where that leads - if anywhere.  If not, I have been very happy with http://blurb.ca and their handling of Magic in the Water.  It's nice to have the option of digital download or print-on-demand for people.  But The Intentional Weaver is going to be a much larger file than Magic, plus having a traditional publisher means stores can buy and have copies to sell in their shops.  So, I'm waiting to hear back from the contact to see if that is something I can pursue.  It would be lovely to not have to do all the marketing and promotion my own self.  Lots of things to think about.  Now that I can...


Peg Cherre said...

Hope the brain fog continues to be beaten back and the sun shines into the neurons!

PaperJockey said...

My “hard” copy of Magic in the Water arrived yesterday from Blurb.ca. I’m in the US and I was very impressed with their packaging as well as the way it is put together. They have handled and presented your publication very well.

Laura Fry said...

Thanks for letting me know. :)