Monday, March 26, 2018

In Person Shopping

One of the really big benefits of shopping at a fibre festival like Fibres West (or Olds Fibre Week or even the ANWG or other regional conference) is that you find out what else suppliers have in stock.

This year Jane Stafford had some new things which weavers might find useful.

I have been a big fan of Color Catchers for years, but it's almost impossible to find them in Canada.  However, Jane is now stocking Dr. Beckmann's Colour and Dirt Collectors which essentially do the same thing - trap loose dye and prevent it from settling elsewhere.  I routinely use these whenever I am weaving with hand dyed yarn, especially cellulose (rayon, bamboo, cotton, linen) yarns.

As always, I recommend that such yarns do NOT soak, at all, ever, even with these colour catchers.  Rather I recommend rinsing, rinsing, rinsing until the water is clear, or at least just a 'blush' of colour left, to prevent migration of loose dye.

The little magnifying glass is helpful if you want to see the weave structure of a cloth up close. 

Check out or email if these items are not yet on her website.

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Patti said...

I have used both Dr. B's and Color Catchers and I like Dr B's better so I'm glad to hear that Jane is stocking them. Good news for sure!