Friday, March 23, 2018


Had a chance to talk to several of our presenters for Confluences next year.  One of the reasons I enjoy Fibre festivals is the opportunity  for face to face interactions with other Fibre people.

Our theme celebrates the fact that every culture around the world has some intimate involvement with textiles and one way to bridge cultures is to find a point of commonality.

If we can find that common ground, we can find respect and communicate beyond cultural differences.

While down here we went to the Museum of Anthropology to see the Salish textile exhibit.  It was a powerful display of craftsmanship.  It had both traditional and contemporary textiles.  It was so good to see that the knowledge and skills are being preserved and shared with the public.

One of our presenters was involved in some of the work in bringing this exhibit to the museum and we are greatful for her work.  Watch for details of her presentation on the conference blog/website.

Confluences.  The coming together of people, ideas, skills, cultures, all within the field of textiles.

That is my hope. 

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