Sunday, March 18, 2018

Roller Coaster

Yesterday I was thinking about all the things I've written, including this blog.  But I also published Weave a V*, Kerstin's book (in English).  I have also been thinking about the conference planning, which I really need to get back to - SOON! - and plans to have an author signing event at the conference.  I intend to have The Intentional Weaver ready for sale by the end of this year and will likely purchase some actual print copies to sell in my vendor booth at the conference.

No, I won't be teaching, although it is likely I'll be part of seminar on the Olds programs, spinning and weaving.  In the end I decided to not even attempt to teach at the conference.  It seemed like the straw that might break the camel's back to teach (maybe) level three at Cape Breton, come home to oversee (along with my right and left hand women) the conference, make sure the instructors have what they need, etc., then drive to Olds to (maybe) teach level one there again.

My roller coaster of a schedule will be quite busy enough without my teaching at the conference as well.

But I have nearly completed the special commission for a new publication (actually two) that is in production.  I just have to get final measurements, re-read my project notes, append my bio and package it all up to ship on Monday.

Yesterday I laid out my schedule for the next six months and took a big gulp.  It's going to be busy! 

Guess my roller coaster ride is going to keep on going for a while longer...

*still available $25 Cdn including shipping

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Brenda said...

Your schedules sounds exhausting. Which it is. But also I'm still bagged from recent surgery, so my point of view may be predicated on that.
Are you still having fun? That's what I asked myself when I was in the deadline-driven newspaper business. If so, carry on.
Am planning to go to PG for the conference. Had been a long time since the HWSDA conference in Fairview.

Laura Fry said...

Goodness, surgery knocks the stuffing out of one, doesn't it? Hope you are healing well. Will look forward to seeing you at the conference next year. :)