Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Just finished cutting this off the loom. It's the last of the samples I'm providing the participants of the Magic in the Water part II workshop in Albuquerque.
The white yarn is a cotton with lycra in it. The pinks are Bambu 12 (about the same size as a 16/2 cotton). The cotton/lycra was set at 16, the Bambu at 32.
The weave structure is plain weave, and the weft was a very fine mercerized cotton I had in my stash - roughly equivalent to a 40/2 cotton. (The label is long lost but when I compared it to a 20/2 it looked about half as thick.)
When the cloth hits the water, the water will activate the lycra causing the white yarns to contract. In order to promote this contraction the cloth was woven fairly loosely. The more densely set the cloth the more resistence to the contraction. On the other hand, I don't want to weave it too loose or the cloth will not have structural strength. The silk gimp I showed yesterday can be woven much more openly because the knobs of the yarn help to hold everything in place.
Now I have to do the paperwork documenting the fabrics I'm providing in addition to the 7 they will weave during the workshop. This should provide the participants with a good over view of a variety of fibres and weave structures. They will have a binder of samples - before and after wet finishing - to study and refer to when the workshop is over.


Anonymous said...

This is going to be an interesting workshop! BTW - my son has finally been able to begin the lift conversion on my loom - first parts are bought - hope he has the time before his next job!

Syne Mitchell said...

Sounds like a grand workshop!

Laura said...

The workshop is fun because I include a few lycra/energized yarns. Fun to see them wriggle when they hit the water. :)

Doug will be home for the next while if your son has questions, Evelyn.


Sharon Schulze said...

Laura, on your ArtFire store I saw wool with lycra but not cotton with lycra. Do you have cotton with lycra, too?

I want to make some of my prayer and comfort shawls and am thinking that the wiggly takeup of the lycra would make it very comforting indeed! But this is for two aging women in Texas and I don't think they would like wool... but they (and I) would LOVE cotton!

Laura said...

Hi Sharon,

I do have some of the cotton/lycra - it's the same yarn as you used to make your black/red scarf/shawl. Email if you are interested and I'll see how much I have left.