Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Show Time!

Got my discount coupons from One of a Kind Vancouver show yesterday. The show is being held in the brand new Convention Centre in Vancouver, BC Dec. 9-12.

If you are going to be in Vancouver at that time and want a coupon I can mail one (or three?) to you, or you can download one from the website:

One of the reasons I chose this show was that we'd done one they organized in Toronto several years ago. I was fairly impressed with their marketing - they seemed to have some effective tools in place including discount coupons for people to save money on the entry fee at the door.

They also track how many of the exhibitor's coupons get used. Not sure what they do with said information. Not being from Vancouver and not having a mailing list for the area I'm happy to pass them along to weavers or friends of weavers. :) Email me a mailing address if you want one that I distribute.....

I never did send any photos for the postcards/media campaign. I wasn't feeling well when that deadline snuck by. :( I'm not sure how many other textile craftspeople will be there. The show does have one regulation that I'm not in favour of - they have an exclusivity clause that says you can't do any other show in the area before theirs, so that lets the locals who have been doing Circle Craft, many of them for 20 plus years, out of the equation.

The exclusivity clause is something I understand - sort of - but don't agree with. Craftspeople are self-employed and ought to be able to decide for themselves if they wish to do two large shows in the same metropolitan area. If they feel they can afford the booth fees and have sufficient inventory to make doing them both worthwhile, that ought to be their decision.

But since I haven't done Circle Craft for decades and choose not to go through their jurying process at this time, I can live with One of a Kind's clause.

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Sharon Schulze said...

Ohhhhhhh how I wish I could be in Vancouver in December!