Friday, October 22, 2010

First Leg

The first leg of my journey is complete - 13 hours door to door. I got a late start because I had to drop stuff off at the lab - my hope is that by the time I get home there will be answers for me. If nothing else, a 'no' means something has been ruled out and the field of options narrows, right?

Anyway, starting later meant that I arrived at Seattle at the tail end of the rush home traffic and as a result the drive through Seattle on the 405 was less stressful than if I'd been there an hour earlier.

My friend's DH will drop me off at SeaTac tomorrow (today?) and pick me up on Wednesday. He got a *large* can of Tim Horton's coffee as a thank you. :D

I get to sleep 'in' tomorrow, but right now I'm heading for bed. Don't even think I can read so it's lights out. To dream sweet dreams of Albuquerque. :)

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