Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day the First

The first day of the Seattle Weavers' Guild sale is pretty fraught. We begin by dragging all our inventory into the hall where it is spot checked for proper documentation. I had 9 boxes so the checker came to me rather than making me drag them all to her. :) Not terribly large boxes this year, but still....

Then we have the guild meeting and program. This year Teresa Ruch gave the presentation and talked about her years working in the textile industry and her observations about that experience.

And then the chaos begins! I ducked out along with Syne Mitchell and went for a business lunch where she went over my scratchy notes and examined my samples. We firmed up the topic a bit more and now I'll go home and start weaving samples in earnest in order to illustrate the concepts that will be presented.

By the time we got back the display apparatus had pretty much been set up and the merchandizing had begun.

It went quite smoothly today and most of the departments were pretty much done by 4 pm with just a few areas tweaking their displays.

Best of all, customers started to arrive at 4:30 (half an hour early). While it never got terribly busy, it was steady until 7 pm when arriving customers started to drop off. Those that came seemed to be spending - I saw numerous baskets half or even full to the top! We should have some idea of the sales figures in the morning when we return.

All in all, a good start - given the economy!

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