Friday, October 29, 2010

Day the Second

In spite of the forecast for grey drizzle, the clouds evaporated and the day turned sunny and warm. The crowds continued slow but steady and most people who came bought something. Sometimes several somethings. :)

I hit the wall at 3 pm and found a quiet place where I could lay my head down on a table for a few minutes but overall I think my cold is on the retreat. I'm not nearly as tired tonight as last night, or the night before.

Tomorrow I'll work in inventory for the last shift - if they want me, germs and all - so I'll get a better idea of my sales at that time. Marjy has been doing a great job of keeping track of everything and was able to give me a first day total at 2 pm today when I went in to look at my file. I doubt I'll make the top 10 sellers this year, but whatever I get will be better than not doing the show.

Doug sets up tomorrow morning for the Artists of the North show and I'm hoping to be home by 8 pm Sunday. It will mean a 5:30 am wake up and hitting the road by 6 am. I'm giving myself some time to stop along the way and nap if I'm just too tired.

Looking forward to my own bed even though it's been great fun meeting my Seattle Guild friends, having a chance to sit down and talk to them face to face and be able to see their new work in person.

One more day.........

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