Thursday, April 28, 2011

As You Think.... shall you be.

I believe that thoughts are powerful.  I try very hard to think positive thoughts, rather than negative ones.  Not always successfully.  :} 

Recently I saw a sig line that said "Worry is to pray for what you do not want."  So I also try very hard to not worry.  Unfortunately in the face of no information, as was the case the last two months, worry is about all what one can do.

But since I do believe that thoughts are powerful, that metaphors are more than just words, and that symbols can be mighty tools to help keep one's thoughts on what one wants rather than on what one doesn't want, I was intrigued with Peg Cherre's website because as part of her offerings she makes talismen.

I am aware that precious and semi-precious stones have properties attributed to them but don't know what they all are.  It was very interesting to me that rubies (my birthstone) build "courage, provide emotional and physical energy and promote cheerfulness."

Peg sent 3 talismen, one of which she suggested should be kept by me as much as possible.  With the use of the ring attached to it, I threaded it through my Medic Alert necklace, which I wear pretty much every day.  I'm not sure where the other two will go yet, but they will be nearby to help me remember to be strong, energetic and cheerful.

Currently reading Cape Storm by Rachel Caine


Peg Cherre said...

I'm SO glad the talismans finally arrived! I was afraid they'd gotten lost in transit. I hope they bring you some relief.

Funny that rubies are your birthstone, and so important in your current situation.

You, or your readers, may want to read an old blog post of mine about how gems can heal. It's addy is

You can also get snippets of the healing properties of many stones from my website, at

I hope your treatments do exactly what they're supposed to, with a minimum of nasty side effects for you!

Rhonda from Baddeck said...

I like that description of 'worry' - very well said. I hope the rubies will work extra hard for you since they're your birthstone, too.