Thursday, April 21, 2011


If you've been following along for any time at all, you'll know I'm a sucker for books.  And books about textiles?  Irresistible!

I also have friends who are willing to indulge me in my addiction and today when I got home from the clinic, there was a box from Amazon waiting for me.  A friend has sent me this book.  (Thanks Tien!)

Talk about eye candy.  :)  The author is Hamish Bowles.

Now I admit I know very little about haute couture and Balenciaga - as a child of the 70's I was more informed about Mary Quant.  So I'm looking forward to learning more about this fashion designer and his source of inspiration.

Another fascinating designer was the Italian Fortuny.  Weavers everywhere should be aware of his work, I think.

Currently reading Naked Heat by 'Richard Castle'


Karen said...

I hope you are feeling better and so can enjoy your new book.

I've recently read the Richard Castle book on my Kindle. Entertaining read, especially if you've ever watched the show.

Jennifer said...

Looking forward to hearing that you're feeling well enough to weave... maybe early next week? Hang in there... it will get better!

Teresa Kennard said...

I love Balenciaga's fashions. I wasn't aware of this book. Thanks for sharing. I'm heading to Amazon to order it.

Rhonda from Baddeck said...

Yay - you're already a quarter done with your chemo. Here's to feeling better each day!

Laura said...

Not quite - first cycle was given over two days so I'm 1/8th the way through. Sometime in September I shoud finish unless I need to delay a cycle for some reason....