Tuesday, April 5, 2011

If I Were Strong...

...I would not need the support and encouragement of family and friends to make it through these days.

If I were brave I would not be afraid of what is to come.

If I were courageous I would not have qualms about the road ahead.

What I am is optimistic.  Hope is the 'weed' in my emotional garden.

What I am is determined.  I have made promises that I intend to keep.

What I have is way too much stuff - yarn, equipment, textiles - that I need to deal with.

What I am is selfish - I want to use those yarns, make those fibre dreams come true, stay here to enjoy my family and friends for many more years to come.

What I need is patience - a lesson that I have had brought to me too many times to count.  I thought I'd learned it, but alas, I'm still working on it.  :)


Claudia Rizzi said...

Love you, Laura. And, remember, nobody must be strong all the time. It´s OK to be afraid, and to cry, or be sad, or angry. Everytime you feel down, I want to know that I´ll be here in Brazil holding your hand, not only me, but all weavers who like you and your work.
Please receive my dearest hug.
Take care,

Claudia Rizzi

Joybilee Farm said...

A hug from us to you, Laura.
Chris and Sarah

Ulrike said...

I don't know you personally but you are one of my personal giants. You are not alone, there are people far and near thinking of you and feeling with you. And as Claudia said, we are all holding your hands.


Jennifer said...

Ah... but you are strong! Very strong.

DebbieB said...

What you are is HUMAN.



Rhonda from Baddeck said...

Actually, you ARE strong - you bend but don't break. You learn (eventually!) and adjust to meet new challenges. You're an inspiration and teacher, and by sharing your journey with us, we all learn. Thank you! {hugs}

Syne said...

You are strong: it takes strength to let people in when you're feeling vulnerable.

You are brave: fearing things is normal, a signal that you're paying attention. Standing up to them despite that is bravery and courageousness.

You forgot one important one...

You are loved: There are many, many people in the world who admire and appreciate you. And I'm one of them.

So call on your strength: those who love you.

Be brave: even if that sometimes looks like crying in a heap (my bravery often does.)

And water those weeds.

Looking forward to spending more time with you. This upcoming weekend and the future.

Anonymous said...

You have a network of friends around the world - visible and invisible. We're holding your hand. Love, patience, joy, endurance; It is all there for you when you need it.
Stephanie S

Sally G. Knight said...

I know how you feel. I feel that same way on many days and, as far as I know, I'm not facing what you are facing. I'm just getting older and am well aware of my mortality. We gotta take it one day at a time. Just show up and live today, doing what is put in front of us to do. Hugs, Sally

Sandra Rude said...

As Syne says, lots of us are sending you our strength (along with support and encouragement) so please, take it all in. That's why we send it to you.

Laura said...

Thanks everyone - it helps enormously to have such a cheering section in my corner. :)


Jasmine said...

Bravery and courage are not the lack of fear, but the act of going forward in the face of fear. Bravery and courage are choices that we get to make on a moment to moment, day to day, breath by breath basis.