Saturday, April 16, 2011


One of the regrets of my life is that I never did learn either French or German.  My mother is Quebecoise, my father first generation Canadian of German extraction.  But for a number of reasons, they did not teach me their 'mother' tongues.

I have tried to learn another language as an adult, but it seems my brain just isn't wired that way.  I really envy people who can speak more than one language - it seems almost magical that some people are proficient in more than one language.

So when I was asked to present seminars, workshops and the general session address for the ATQ (the Quebec provincial weaving association) I was flattered - and very intimidated!

The ATQ has been great to work with - they are arranging translation of my handouts - and while many people do speak English in Quebec, I felt it was important to learn at least some words in order to be able to communicate a little better.

So I asked a friend who speaks French to translate a list of words I felt were important for me to know - or at least be familiar with - and made a Power Point presentation for the workshop A Good Yarn (Une Bonne Fil) in both English and French. 

This workshop has a lot of technical information in it, so it is important that everyone understand what is being presented.

I can't guarantee that my French version is correct, but hopefully it will be accurate enough so that people will get the gist.  And I'm sure that there will be enough people there who understand both languages that we will all benefit from the experience.  I know I will.

Currently reading Dead Cold by Louise Penny (the Inspector Gamache series which takes place in the Eastern Townships of Quebec)


Kerstin på Spinnhuset said...

"Un bon fil" presented by "une bonne fille"? (or try "un bon fils"...)

Don't mind, I'm just trying to confuse you (even if it is Doug who has made a sport of confusing me)!


Claudia Rizzi said...

Do you want to learn something in Brazilian Portuguese?

"Não se preocupe, apenas relaxe e aproveite o momento!"

Translation: "Don´t worry, just relax and enjoy the moment!"

You´ll be just fine. I know the presentation will be a sucess!

A hug,

Claudia Rizzi

Laura said...

Well, I'm hoping for points for the earnest attempt! :D And if people laugh with me, not at me, I'll be satisfied. :^)


Peg said...

This type of preparation is the mark of a truly dedicated and wonderful teacher.

Anne Niles Davenport said...

So glad to find someone else who's reading Louise Penny's books. I've read all of them now -- wonderful locale, solid three-dimensional characters, and fine writing. And her blog turned me onto another writer (Scottish) named Aline Templeton, also a stellar writer.