Sunday, June 26, 2011

...and now we return to our regularly scheduled programming....

Today I went to the annex with 8 shawls that needed a hard press as part of their wet finishing.  There were six from a blue/green warp and two left from the coral/peach I'd done a few weeks ago.

Four of the blue/green had a very fine worsted wool used for weft in either black or dark bottle green.  Two of them had a somewhat thicker woolen tweedy yarn of a pale blue/white.  Both turned out beautifully.  Nice weight, nice drape, nice feel.

The peach/coral shawls were more of the wool/mohair/angora singles with the high twist energy and as with the others done previously, tracked beautifully.

Today is a grey, muggy day and after spending time at the press I'm not feeling terribly energetic.  I think I'll see if I can fill the bobbin on the traditional wheel and then ply that off on the Joy.  I've loads of recorded tv programs to run while I spin.

Currently reading Dragon Haven by Robin Hobb (read Dragon Keeper on my trip to Quebec)


Laritza said...

Glad to hear you as your good old self!

Jasmine said...

Isn't Robin Hobb wonderful?

Turn the map in the front of the book upside down and you'll notice it bears an amazing resemblance to the 50th state of the US... turns out she lived in Alaska for a few years. No wonder she can write well about strange lands! (I live in Fairbanks AK)

Anonymous said...

Lovely work! I can almost feel how drapey and soft the shawls are, love all the colors.