Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Of Flies and Ointment

So Canada Post is currently in a strike/lock out position.  They had been doing rotating 'strikes' so mail was continuing to move but now the entire system is shut down.  Sigh.

The government, however, is introducing back to work legislation so it may resolve itself in a matter of days.

In the meantime I'm still accepting orders for abridged Magic and will mail as soon as they start working again.....

For those people who ordered recently, your books are in the mail and will be delivered as soon as the situation is resolved.

Thank you for your patience.


DebbieB said...

Oh, I hope your postal strike is short-lived!

I just wove some scarves - rayon boucle warp, tencel weft. How would you recommend I best wet-finish these, Laura? My copy of Magic doesn't address rayon boucle.

Laura said...

You treat all the regenerated cellulose fibres the same way. Warm water scour/rinse with a little soap or detergent, agitate a bit, gently squeeze (never wring!) hang or put in dryer to dry until *just* damp and then give it a hard press or cold mangle. Videos on my You Tube channel of hard pressing and cold mangling.

These fibres are slippery and the compression helps to keep everything in place.



DebbieB said...

Thanks, Laura - just the information I needed. I've watched your videos - very informative!