Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Magic in the Water - abridged


project 5 finished garment

project 5 sample

project 11 completed garment

project 11 sample

Made it up to the annex today and checked how many abridged copies are left. 

There are 27.  They contain 12 of the original 20 samples.

The projects are:

#2 - Bedford Cord placemats 2/8 unmerc. cotton
#3 - Kitchen ensemble - 2/20 mercized cotton
#5 - Cotton suit - 2/16 cotton warp, cotton wefts
#6 - Cotton and cottolin tea towels (my favourite combination for kitchen/tea towels)
#9 - Tencel shawl
#10 - 2/10 Tencel warp with fine rayon chenille weft
#11 - 2/30 silk suit
#14 - woolen jacket and vest
#18 - Deflected warp/supplemental warp scarf
#19 - Collapse effects - 2/20 merc. cotton and wool
#20 - Deflected Double weave - 2/20 silk and worsted wool

Since the full sized Magic was so expensive (I know it was!) I've decided to sell these last few abridged copies for $70 plus $20 shipping.  That's less than half the price of Big Magic even though it has more than 50% of the project samples.

I have a few (a very few) of the supplemental samples that were added later, plus the sample packs that went with the wet finishing chapter on CD Weaver III.  Contact me for availability and price.  Email is best: laura at laurafry dot com

I'm giving the followers of my blog a 24 hour head's up on this offer.  Then they will go up onto my Art Fire store and website as soon as I can make those arrangements.

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