Thursday, June 30, 2011

Working on the Stash

stash reduction proceeds

On Tuesday afternoon I dyed the last 7 silk gimp warps and the last few skeins.  Today one of those warps was dry enough to dress the loom and using one of the skeins dyed at the same time as the warp, I wove off the shawl.  I think there are 13 warps left to do now, so at the rate of one per day, I should finish weaving these in a couple of weeks.  Next Tuesday I have clinic appointments and then, hopefully, treatment #4 on Wednesday so won't likely do too much on those days.

latest skeins

The last few days I've also managed to get some spinning done.  The white/beige had been spun a while ago but I got it plied and wet finished.  Then I started on the hand dyed blue.  I found a pale blue wool/nylon in my stash that seemed to work well for the plying.  The two skeins were not spun the same but there is quite a bit of yardage in each skein so there should be enough to use as an accent yarn with something else.  I think one reason the two skeins are so different is because they were each spun on a different wheel.  I'm not a good enough spinner to control each wheel to get the same results, so I just spun as the wheel and fibre dictated and didn't fret too much about the inconsistency.

Rather than dress the loom again today I've been knitting and watching tv.  After I have my dessert I think I'll spin a bit more.  I've got loads and loads of spinning fibres to reduce out of my stash, too.

Currently reading The Delicate Storm by Giles Blunt


Sandra Rude said...

I hope the next treatment is easier on your system! In the meantime, happy stash reduction, which is always A Good Thing.

Rhonda from Baddeck said...

That shawl is so pretty - I love the colors you're using lately. Good luck with treatment #4.

Michelle said...

Stash reduction! You are an inspiration.
With respect to the blue handspun, did you ply it with handspun , or with commercial yarn?
I would love it if you included one or two lines describing the book you are currently reading.
Good luck with treatment 4. We wre pulling for you.

In White Rock NM

Laura said...

Thanks - I've been resting as much as possible to prepare for #4 and the half way mark. :)

The fine yarn I use for plying is commercially spun. I'm trying to use up my extremely fine yarns, too, so plying with them helps with the stash busting effort.

Giles Blunt writes a mystery series set in "norhtern" Ontario and they are very Canadian, more so even than Louise Penny's series, in terms of politics and history. It's refreshing to have a specifically Canadian viewpoint. ;) Especially on Canada Day.

I enjoy books that reflect their settings and allow me to get to know more about the people in the stories - their culture, history, etc. The characters have to be likeable, or at least believable, or my interest very quickly dries up.