Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Always Something

One of my personal challenges is that I am very allergic to scents.   I thought I had specified in my application that I needed to be far away from food or scented products, but apparently I missed that.  I knew we were across the aisle from food.  I could live with that.  What I could not live with was being right next to a booth of heavily scented soaps and bath products.

I tried.  I really did.  But within 30 minutes my eyes were swelling and my voice was cracking.   I went in search of the show organizer and pleaded my case.  I told him I knew that it was very late to be requesting a change but if there was anything at all he could do?

Bless his heart, he managed to rearrange things and we swapped booths with another exhibitor.

It took a couple of hours before things got settled but we have all day tomorrow to finish setting up.  Today we got the booth structure up and quit at 6 pm.  We will go back tomorrow morning and set out the textiles.  It should not take more than an hour, and then we will take the rest of the afternoon easy.

And I will make sure from now on to specify 'not near scented products'!


MegWeaves said...

I feel your pain. I'm the same with some scents, and with sprayed fruits and nuts. I'm glad you asked for a swap.

Laura said...

I, too, have issues with scents. I can't even be next to organically grown lavender!

Glad they were able to make accommodations. What a relief!